What can I expect at my appointment?

Each appointment is unique to each bride. Every moment is spent on YOU! We transform you into a bride right before your eyes, from your head to your toes…and everything in between! We’re here to pamper you!

What should I wear to my appointment?

Undergarments you are comfortable in, preferably in fabric that matches your skin color. Underwear is necessary.

Who should I bring?

Everyone wants their dearest friends and family to join them on their special day of shopping. However, it is best to consider how many opinions you desire when you’re in a gown that makes you feel your best. We do only allow 3 guests per appointment. However we do offer packages which allow of a larger party. Please contact us ahead of your appointment.

What sizes do you carry?

Our boutique sample sizes are bridal 8-14. However, if you fall slightly outside of those that range, not to worry. We are here to help you get the very best idea of how a gown will look in your size. We are able to accommodate any bride smaller than our size 8 samples, and many of our brides who fall above size 14. Please call us with any specific questions or concerns. Also keep in mind that bridal sizes are NOT the same a street sizing.

What is the price range I should prepare for?

Our gowns start at $2,000 and run up to $15,000.

When should I order my dress?

Designers range with their delivery times. However, it is highly advised that shopping for your gown should begin at least 9-12 months before your wedding. Brides should always keep in mind that alterations add additional time towards the completion of the gown, outside of the ordering time

Do you offer alterations?

 As an independent business, Pavane Couture Bridal works exclusively with an alterations specialist. Our alteration department is independent of Paváne Couture Bridal, although we allow brides to work with the seamstress, on Wednesdays. Should this day not work for our brides, she offers availability within her personal studio located outside of our boutique. It will be at your initial alteration appointment that you will discuss costs and quotes with her, as each bride and dress are unique.

Alterations generally begin at minimum 2 months before your wedding date. You will likely have 2 to 3 fittings, depending upon how customized your alterations need to be.

Are children allowed at my appointment?

Children under the age of 10 are usually not permitted due to liability purposes.

Am I allowed to bring outside food or drink to celebrate my appointment?

Yes and no. For our ‘Bridal Appointments’, neither food or drink are allowed past the entrance of our boutique. For our ‘Exclusive VIP Appointments’, we do allow and offer outside snacks, layouts and drink to be brought in and set up by our staff. Enjoy our champagne during this appointment!